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                                                                                                                 April 2005    

April  7  Bijon Sitting In - "All 70s European prog, All
on Original Label/Original Pressing Vinyl" Part 2

Artist Song Album Label
Nektar Desolation Valley A Tab In The Ocean Bacillus
  Cryin' In The Dark    
  King Of Twilight    
Omega Late Night Show Time Robber Bacillus
Magma Sowiloi + KMX E XII Inedits Tapioca
Egg Wring Out The Ground (Loosely Now) Civil Surface Virgin/Caroline]


April 14  Just back from vacation no idea what to play show

Artist Song Album Label
California Guitar Trio Train to Lamy Suite Invitation Discipline Global Mobile
Ozric Tentacles Yag-Bar-Og Arborescence Snapper
Djam Karet Pentimento Progday: Kinections independent
Bruford Joe Frazier Gradually Growing Tornado E'G
Brand X Macrocosm Morrocan Roll Caroline
Virtual Max Double Agent Nails of Ice independent
Simon Steensland Zombies and Windmills The Zombie Hunter APM
Amygdala Utrecht Amygdala Soleil Zeuhl


April 21 Rouge Ciel

Artist Song Album Label
Rouge Ciel Bois dur Veuillez procéder Monsieur Fauteux
  Nostradamus l’avait prédit    
   Bond précisionnel 1    
  Flocons de son    
  Bond précisionnel 2    
  Pour Hortense    
  Bond précisionnel    
  Névréalité postparapsychophysiologique    
  Bois mou    
  Bond précisionnel 4    
Raised By Swans a cipher in a foreign sky Codes And Secret Longing independent
  violet night    


April 28  Newer Stuff

Artist Song Album Label
Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere Deadwing Lava
  Start of Something Beautiful    
Parallel Mind Opposite of Know Colossus ADEA Unicorn
  The Guardian    
shining perdurabo in the kingdom of  kitsch you will be a monster rune grammofon
  alesister explain everything    
Rouge Ciel Teuteuta Veuillez procéder Monsieur Fauteux
Little King Virus Divine Virus Divine Unicorn



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