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                                                                                                               April 2008    

April  3  Newer stuff

Artist Song Album Label
For a Minor Reflection Fallegt útsýni Reistu ţig viđ, sólin er komin á loft Independent
Mahogany Frog GMFTPO DO5 Independent
  T-Tigers and Toasters    
  Last Stand at Fishers Farm    
  You're Meshugah    
  I am Not Your Sugar    
Octurn xp27 XPs [live] Independent
Porcupine Tree     Transmission

April  10 Eero Koivistoinen - The Front is Breaking

Artist Song Album Label
Eero Koivistoinen Homefree The Front is Breaking Love
  Mean Meat Blues    
  The Front Is Breaking    
  Clear Dream    
Il Balletto di Bronzo Ys Intruduzione Polydor

April 17 Happy Birthday Jan Hammer 

Artist Song Album Label
Mahavishnu Orchestra Dream The Lost Trident Sessions Columbia
John Abercrombie Lungs Timeless ECM
Stanley Clarke Vulcan Princess Stanley Clarke Epic
Al Di Meola Flight Over Rio Elegant Gypsy Columbia
Billy Cobham Quandrant 4 Spectrum Atlantic
Jeff Beck Freeway Jam Lice Epic

April 24 Local Artists

Artist Song Album Label
Oasis Lapin Connivence Kébec
Syncope Le Bleu D'Hull Syncope CRAM
Nathan Mahl A Call to Arms Shadows Unbound independent
The Rebel Wheel Threads Diagramma 10T
Butterflies and Zebras Tapedeck Zep 14 Feb 10, 2005 independent
The Logarithms Lord Snooty's Giant Electric Head Blue Orb independent
southpacific Blue Lotus Constance Turnbuckle
As the Poets Affirm Snow-WhIte Wings in the Bottomless Blue The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch independent




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