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                                                                                                               April 2008    

April  9  Newer stuff

Artist Song Album Label
Outre Mesure Les Dieux En Face Des Trous Abacadae independent
  Petite Douceur    
  Il Rode Toujour    
Cheer-Accident Sun Dies Fear Draws Misfortune Cuneiform
  And Then You Realize You Haven't Left Yet    
  Blue Cheadle    
Forgas Band Phenomena La Clef L'axdu Fou (Axis of Madness ) Cuneiform
Gutbucket A Little Anarchy Never Hurt Everyone A Modest Proposal Cuneiform
  I Am a Jelly Doughnut (Or a Commentary on U.S. German Relations Post WW    
Wobbler Imperial Winter White Afterglow Independent

April  9 Progquebec

Artist Song Album Label
Charles Kaczynski Chant de Rêve Lumière de la Nuit Progquebec
  Liberté   Progquebec
  Père de La Terre   Progquebec
Conventum Le reel des élection   Progquebec
Contraction Pixieland Contraction Progquebec
L'Orchestre Sympathique Citronnade Enconcert à la Grande Passe Progquebec
Lasting Weep Extrait de  Safari de Peche Lasting Weep 1969-1971 Progquebec
Maneige manege live à l`évêché Progquebec
Jerome Langlois Le Cri  Molingak Progquebec
  Huard   Progquebec
ExCubus Abomination Memoires incubussiennes Progquebec
Morse Code Précréation Procréation Progquebec
Pollen Vivre le mort Pollen Progquebec

April 16 Myspace 

Artist Song Album Label
3ology The 4 Reasons Pt. II Out of The Depths independent
  I'll Give You Reason to Cry   independent
Camembert Untung Untungan   independent
Tamandua The Gypsy Cat from Persia Eternal Anteater of the Universe independent
Serkan Karaman Globalisalation Between Orient & Occident independent
Barbara Zielinska-Van Tibet Bells   independent
Orienteers The Drumming Traffic Orienteers independent
Sharcüt 5.4.2 Sharcüt independent

April 23  Acid Folk

Artist Song Album Label
Comus Song to Comus First Utterance Sanctuary
Espers Hearts & Daggers Espers Locust
Pink Floyd Julia Dream Relics EMI
Fern Knight W. Memphis Music for Witches and Alchemists VHF


Seedling / Seedling II Photosynthesis Strange Attractions Audio House
Porcupine Tree Nine Cats On the Sunday of Life Delirium
Biota Swallow/Steam Trader/Understander Object Holder ReR

April 30 Newer stuff

Artist Song Album Label
Øresund Space Collective Oribital Elevator Good Planets Are Hard to Find transubstans

Karda Estra


the whitstable host / skulls in the stars Weird Tales Cyclops
Colin Edwin Nothing Alarming / Exit Strategy Third Vessel Hard World
Gavin Harrison & 05Ric Crisis/Beyond the "A" Circles Squatter Madras
Coste Apetrea Chased by Shadows Surprisingly Heavy Lion Music
Porcupine Tree Halo Ilosaarirock Transmission



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