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August 2004

     Aug 5 - Atomic Bomb Day  

Artist Song Album Label
Can Mushroom Tago Mago Ars Nova
Phil Manzanera Hot Spot K-Scope E'G
Godley & Creme The Last Page of History Goodbye Blue Sky Polydor
Utopia Hiroshima Ra Rhino
Porcupine Tree Radioactive Toy Stars Die Delerium
Kate Bush Breathing Never For Ever EMI
Univers Zero Kermesse Atomique The Hard Quest Cuneiform
Van der Graf Generator Scorched Earth Godbluff Charisma
Rush Manhattan Project Power Windows Polygram


Aug 12  - Present - Triskaidekaphobie - Friday 13th

Artist Song Album Label
One Shot Blue Bug Vendredi 13 soleil zheul
Present Promenade Triskaidekaphobie Cuneiform
  Quatre-vingt Douze    
Ville Emard Blues Band Guess Who's Coming to Jam Complete Progquebec


  Aug 19 - Progday  Sept 4-5             

Artist Song Album Label
PFM E Festa Storia di un Minuto RCA
Amon Duul II Wolf City Wolf City Repertoire Records
Trettioariga Kriget Lipset Elden av Śr Mellotronen
Mats/Morgan Hollmervalsen Live UAE
Cabezas de Cera Cosmica Progday X Progday
Echolyn as the world 2-song CD sampler 2000 velveteen
Amarok Hsieh Progday X Progday
Focus Tamara's Move Focus 8 Musea


Aug 26  -  ELP Live in Montreal

Artist Song Album Label
Frank Zappa Evelyn, A Modified Dog One Size Fits all Ryko
    San Berdino  
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Peter Gunn Works Live Victory
  The Enemy God    
Dun Arakkis Eros Soleil Zheul
Morsof DADA Heap Poseidon
Jannick Top Epithecantropus erectus Soleil D'ork Musea


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