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                                                                                         Playlists August  2010

Aug 5  Various

Artist Album Song Label
Helmet of Gnats High Street Dozer ambient records
Frogg Café Bateless Edge Pasta Fazeuhl 10T
KBB  Proof of Concept  Inner Flames  Poseidon
Astra The Weirding Ouroboros  metal blade
La Maschera di Cera Petali di Fuoco Phoenix immaginifica
Flower Travellin' Band Made In Japan  Hiroshima  warner
Steve Hackett Out of the Tunnel's Mouth Tubehead  Insideout
Distinguished Panel of Experts Trans-Indulgent  And Then..the Sigh  Luna Negra
Asturias  In Search of The Soul Trees  In Search of The Soul Trees Part 2   Poseidon
Roger Rodier Upon Velveatur  While My Castle's Burning sunbeam
Gosta Berlings Saga Detta Har Hant Sorteragatan 3  transubtans
simakDialog Demi Masa  Disapih [Being Away] Moonjune

Aug 12 Various

Artist Album Song Label
Hector  Liisa Pien (1975) Epitaph  Love

Kingston Wall

  II (1993)  I Feel Love  


 801 Live (1976)  T. N. K. (Tomorrow Never Knows)  

La Otracina

 Tonal Ellipse of the One (2007)  Yellow Mellow Magic/Beyond the Dusty Hills (Cowboy in the Desert Part Two)  


 Arc of the Testimony (1997)  Illuminator  

After Crying

 De Profundis (1996)  Stalker  

Korai Öröm

'96  (1996)  Part 3  

Isildurs Bane

 Mind Volume 1  The Flight Onward-Phases 1-5  

 Aug 19 Canterbury

Artist Album Song Label

Mahogany Frog

 vs. Mabus (2004)  Boatalone (We're Not Sailing in This...)  


  In the Land of Grey and Pink (1971)  Nine Feet Undergroud  

Soft Machine

  BBC Radio 1967-1971 (2003)  Facelift-Mousetrap-Noisette-Backwards-Mousetrap Reprise  


 Space Shanty (1972)  Space Shanty  


 Stand By (1979)  Stand By  

Incredible Expanding Mindfuck

 I.E.M (1996)  The Gospel According to the I.E.M  

Aug 26 Italian Album of The Month

Artist Album Song Label

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities

 BLUE Nights (2000)  Cerulean Sea  

Mike Keneally Band

 Guitar Therapy Live (2006)  Seven Percent Grade  

Jeff Berlin

 Ace of Bass (2006)  Justibofidus  

Vernon Reid & Masque

 Known Unknown (2004)  Voodoo Pimp Stroll  

Dean Watson

 Unsettled (2010)  Dip  


Dedicato A Frazz ( 1973)

La bottega del rigattiere /Luna Park /Uno zoo di vetro 

Semiramis Dedicato A Frazz ( 1973) Per un strada affolata / Dietro una porta di carta / Frazz /  

Richard Barbieri

  Things Buried  (2004) Medication Time  

Gianmarco Liguori

 Ancient Flight Text (2009)  Ascending Spirals  

Michael Brook

 Live at the Aquarium (1992)  Red Shift  

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