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                                                                           Playlists for December 2005

    Dec 1 - Newer Archival and re-releases 

Artist Song Album Label
Robert Wyatt Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road Theatre Royal Drury Lane Sept 1974 Hannibal
Maneige Mambo Chant Live á l'évêché  Progquebec
  Les Epinettes    
  Bullfrog Dance    
Jukka Tolonen Band Chaterflight JTB Lion Music
  Space Cookie    
  Funky Nightmare    


  Dec 8 - More newer stuff

Artist Song Album Label
Mike Oldfield Angelique Light + Shade Mercury
  Tears of an Angel    
nine horses wonderful world Snow Borne Sorrow samadhisound
  darkest birds    
  the banality    
Painkiller your inviolable freedoms 50  vol. 12 Tzadik
Jonathan Elias The Chant Movement Requiem for the Americas Enigma


  Dec 15   Live Music Year  in Review Part I

Artist Song Album Label
Miriodor Pyramid Parade Cunieform
Present Ceux D'en Bas No. 6 Carbon 7

Steve Hackett

Ace of Wands Live Archive Vol. 5 Camino

The Rebel Wheel

1 oz Workshop Independent
Widow's Walk The Agenda < Single > Independent
Damo Suzuki Slave dancer & Slave Driver Metaphysical Transfer DNW


  Dec 22   Year End Special   Part II

Artist Song Album Label
Amina Fjarskanistan AnimaminA Worker's institute

Sigur Ros

track 8 (  ) MCA
Mahogany Frog Boatalone vs. Mabus independent
  Baroque On Blue independent
Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere Deadwing Lava
  Buying New Soul Lightbulb Sun -Spec ed K-scope



  Dec 29  Year End Special   Part III

Artist Song Album Label


River of Life Piazza  Del Campo Sony
  Photos of Ghosts    
Frogg Cafe Abyss  of Dissension Forum Theatre 6/11/05 independent
Shelly Burgon / Trevor Dunn  track 3 How Far Is Far independent
As the Poets Affirm Rocket Through The Jaws that Bite, The Claws that Catch  
  Portrait; Levity May Call    
Hawkwind Assault and Battery Warrior on the Edge of Time  
  Golden Void    


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