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              Playlists Feb. 2005    


Feb 3 Newer Stuff

Artist Song Album Label
Screaming Headless Torsos Mind is a River 2005 Fuzelicious Morsels
Phil Manzanera 6pm 6pm Hannibal
  Sacred Days    
Progzy Open mind Men Were Brave Independent
  Men Were Brave    
Simon Steensland's Kamikaze United Panterjakt Live Gang-Gang UAE
  The Return of  Instant Jesus    
Helmet of Gnats Almost Babylon Helmet of Gnats Ambient Records
Simon Steensland's Kamikaze United Absolute Probable Mission Live Gang-Gang UAE


 Feb  10 Chatting with Butterflies and Zebras

Artist Song Album Label
Butterflies and Zebras Tape Deck Zep 14 Tape Deck Zep Independent
  Nine Minutes    
  Epic A    
  Tape Deck Zep 24    
Dream Aria Sungoddess In The Wake Independent
  In The Wake (Soul)    


 Feb 17  Happy birthday Fred Frith

Artist Song Album Label
Lars Hollmer Looping Home Orchestra Karulellmusik Live 1992-1993 victo
  Utflykt M. Damcykel    
Fred Frith hands of the juggler Gravity ReR
  come across    
Fred Frith laughing matter / esperanza Speechless ReR
aksak maboul geistige nacht (rondo) Un peu de l'âme des bandits Crammed
Henry Cow Industry Western Culture East Side Digital
Art  Bears Rats and Monkeys Art Box ReR
Massacre Killing Time Killing Time Celluloid
Fred Frith glass c/w steel Guitar Solos ReR
Eno Through Hollow Lands Before and After Science Virgin


 Feb 24 Local Ottawa artists

Artist Song Album Label
Dionysos C'est Comme Ca Changé D'adress Disques Pionniers
  Ostid' Probleme    
Connivence Chanson D'Amour Pour France Connivence II Kebec Disc
The Rebel Wheel Crystal Rain Suite The Rebel Wheel Independant
  1 Ounce    
Guy Leblanc One Sky All The Rage Independant
Progzy Ivorythm Men Were Brave Independant


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