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           Playlists Feb. 2009   

Feb 5    

Artist Song Album Label
Grobschnitt Food Sicore Solar Music Live Metronome
  Solar Music II    
  Mühlheim Special    
  Otto Panckrock    
  Golden Mist    
  Solar Music III    

Djam Karet

Fall of the Monkeywalk Reflections From The Firepool independent

 Feb 12  Happy Birthday Bill Laswell

Artist Song Album Label
Brian Eno/David Byrne America Is Waiting My Life in the Bush of Ghosts Sire
Laurie Anderson Sharkey's Night Home of the Brave Warner
Last Exit Discharge Last Exit Enemy
Massacre Legs / Aging with Dignity Killing Time Celluloid
Fred Frith Navajo Speechless Rer
Arcana Into the Cirlcle Arc of the Testimony Axiom
Paul Schütze & Phantom City An Early Mutation Site Anubis Bigt Cat
Bill Laswell / Sacred System Black Lotus Nagual Site Axiom
Buckethead Machete Colma CyberOctave

  Feb 19  Various Artitsts   

Artist Song Album Label
Flower Travellin' Band Satori, Pt. 3 Satori Phoenix
Eiliff Gammeloni Eiliff Mason
Van Der Graf Generator Killer H to He, Who Am the Only One Caroline
U Totem The Judas Goat U Totem Cuneiform

Alec K. Redfern and the Eyesores

Ginger Gin-Flight of the Sims The Smother Party North East Indie


Zhugunk The Illusion of Joy independent
Pierre Vervloesem Amazing Grease Grosso Modo Carbon 7
Panzerballet Aspirin Smoke Panzerballett independent

 Feb 26 Various Artitsts

Artist Song Album Label
Miles Davis Directions Black Beauty Columbia
Santana Every Step of The Way Lotus Columbia
Panzerpappa Billettkontrollorenes Inntogsmars Passer Gullfisk independent
Miriodor 3rd Warning 3rd Warning Cunieform
nil Dérégénération Nil Novo Sub Sole Unicorn


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