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Janurary 2004

Jan 01 - Bands seen in 2003   

Artist Song Album Label
Miriodor Famous Tape Loop   Cunieform
Butterflies and Zebras Tape Deck Zep Promo 03 Nands
Kimmo Pohjonen ulaani Kluster Rockadillo
Porcupine Tree Strip the Soul XM Lava
Calexico Black Heart Feast of Wire Quarterstick
Mike Keneally Dee 'n' A Wooden Smoke Exowax
King Crimson Superslow The Power to Believe Tour Box Discipline Global Mobile
  The Deception of the Thrush Level Five Discipline Global Mobile

Jan 8 -  New Stuff : Vril - Effigies in Cork              

Artist Song Album Label
 Vril Supersonic Canteen  Effigies in Cork Rer Megacorp
  Impossible Canal    
  Wistful Cormorant    
  Inexplicable Jar    
  Gruesome Pillow    
  Freakish Tarpaulin    
  Spangled Farmyard    
  Preening Docent    
  Implacable Swordfish    
  Bloated Janitor    
  Wrinkled Lantern    
  Clairvoyant Pig    
  Despicable Cadet    
  Crumpled Armada    
  Uncanny Haversack    
  Groovy Vitamin    
Talisma Crisis Corpus Unicorn
  Le Druide    

Jan 15  Rope  - Widow's First Dawn

Artist Song Album Label
 Rope Love Without the Illusion of Permanence Widow's First Dawn Family Vineyard
  Widow's First Dusk    
  Routine Mood Swings    
  Confusing Heritage    
  Wordless Conversation    

Jan 22    Space Music       

Artist Song Album Label
Vangelis Freefall Albedo 0.39 Windham Hill
  Mre Tranquillitatis    
The Orb Backside of the Moon Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld Mercury
  Spanish Castles in Space    
Porcupine Tree Moonloop The Sky Moves Sideways Delerium
Mike Oldfield In The Beginning The Songs of Distant Earth Warner
  Let There Be Light    

Jan 29  Michael Sasso in studio

Artist Song Album Label
Michael Sasso At Swanky's Space Bar Biorhythms Whatever Records
  Big fun    
R.L. Burnside Georgia Women Root Damage Sympathy for the Record Industry
Michael Sasso All Right Get Ready Biorhythms Whatever Records
Avant Garden Dragon Feed Maelstrom Blackfish Recordings


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