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Playlists Jan. 2006

Jan 5 - Newer Stuff

Artist Song Album Label
Jay Terrien Double-Entendre All the Dolls in the Same Place Drunker Quicker Music
Jupiter 9 Cartoon Jupiter 9 Ipso Facto
Electric Masada Kedem At the Mountains of Madness Tzadik
Quartik Teknikolor Hecho a mano Ipso Facto
  Luck in Time    
Electric Masada Metal Tov At the Mountains of Madness Tzadik


Jan  12- Happy Birthday George Duke       

Artist Song Album Label
Jean-Luc Ponty Canteloupe Island Canteloupe Island Pacific Jazz
George Duke Psychosomatic Dung Faces In Reflection BASF
Frank Zappa Echidna's Arf You Can't Do That on Stage  Anymore Vol. 2 Ryko
  Don't you Ever Wash That Thing    
  Pygmy Twylyte    
Billy Cobham The Pleasant Pheasant Crosswinds Wounded Bird
Last Exit Enemy Within Last Exit Enemy

Dr. Nerve

The Shameful Stain Skin Cunieform

Alamaailman Vasarat

Astiatehdas Käärmelautakunta Silence
Mr. Bungle Ars Moriendi California Warner


Jan  19   Corrie van Binsbergen

Artist Song Album Label
Links Adagio sempre Adagio Ouvrir Ici vsop
  Dat had je gedacht    
Corrie van Binsbergen Bins & Pieces Corrie en de Grote Brokken VIA
  Zoot-Suit I - V    
  I Wasn't Talking    
CVB4 De trein naar Ulan Bator Live at New Jazz Festival independent
  Research on Pigs    
  Dr. Schweitzer's Last Mission    
Colin Scot The Boatman Colin Scot Passport
Steve Tibbetts Nyemma The Fall of us All ECM
David Fiuczynski La Fiesta Jazz Punk fuzelicious morsels


Jan 26   Happy Australia Day

Artist Song Album Label
The Necks The Boys I The Boys ReR
David Hudson Bali Doo Rainbow Serpent Celestial Harmonies
Gondwanaland Project Choppers Wide Skies eastwest
The Government the new brutalists Underwater Themes From an Overrated Film Comrade
Ed  Kuepper Honey Steel's Gold Honey Steel's Gold Hot
William Bowden Light Rain at Stony  Creek The Dream of the Currawong terra Australia
Gondwanaland Landscape Terra Incognita wea
Guru & Zero Makoto Mango Makoto Mango Swordfish


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