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July 2003

July 3   Newer Stuff                 

Artist Song Album Label
Bob Drake Rtuff 13 Songs and a Thing ReR Megacorp
  10 for a Dime    
Kimmo Pohjonen Kalmuk Kalmuk Westpark Music
La Maschera di Cera Il Grande Labirinto Il Grande Labirinto Mellow

July 10   Porcupine  Tree - Le Medley July 16                        

Artist Song Album Label
Opeth  Windowpane Damnation Koch
  Death Whispered a Lullaby    
Porcupine Tree Gravity Eyelids In Abstentia Lava
  Stars Die Stars Die Delerium
  Idiot Prayer Signify Ark 21
  Up The Downstair Coma Divine Delerium
  The Sky Moves Sideways (phase one) The Sky Moves Sideways Delerium

July 17 David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski - Kif

Artist Song Album Label
David Fiuczynski  entire show Kif Fuzelicious Morsels

July 24  Michael Shrieve

Artist Song Album Label
Michael Shrieve Communique 'Approach Spiral' Transfer Station Blue Fortuna
Go Crossing The Line Go..Live in Paris Island
Marty Fogel Zavana many bobbing heads, at last... CMP
Michael Shrieve Stiletto Stiletto BMG
  One Nation, Invisible Fascination CMP
Santana Toussaint L'Overture Lotus Columbia

July 19   Butterflies and Zebras - Live in the CKCU Studio

Artist Song Album Label
Wax Mannequin Super Gyros And Gun CINCINNATI
  Something So    
Hamster Theatre Vermilion Hue Over Lake Lausanne Carnival Detournement Cuneiform
Butterflies and Zebras Tapedeck Zep Live in CKCU Studio Butterflies and Zebras
  Acid Folk    


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