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         July 2005  Playlists

July  7 -   Shopping at Nearfest II

Artist Song Album Label
Pollen Vieux de vie d'ange Pollen ProgQuebec
Toubadou Attente Ambush ProgQuebec
KBB Kraken's Brain is Blasting Four Corner's Sky Poseidon
Igzit-nine Honet's Nest Igzit-nine Poseidon
Quikion Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Poseidon
Morsof DADA Heap Poseidon
SIXNORTH Magnetic Factor PLAYER Poseidon


July  14     MIO Records and Eclectic

Artist Song Album Label
Jean Cohen-Solal Raga Du Matin Flute Libres MIO
Phillippe Besombes Raggacountry Libra MIO
Decibel El Poeta del Ruido El Poeta del Ruido MIO
Mosiac La vérité au fond du puits ou Narcisse... Ultimatum MIO
Jean Cohen-Solal Ludions Captain Tarthopom MIO
The Platina The Girl with the Flaxen Hair The Girl with the Flaxen Hair MIO
East of Eden Northern Hemisphere Mercator Projected Eclectic
Touch Down at Circe's Place Touch Eclectic
Egg I Will Be Absorbed Egg Eclectic
Nektar Desolation Valley A Tab in the Ocean Eclectic
Khan The Mixed Up Man Of The  Mountains Space Shanty Eclectic


July 21  L'Orchestre Sympathique    

Artist Song Album Label
L'Orchestre Sympathique Citronnade En Concert à la Grande Passe ProgQuebec
  Des lacs, des rivières, des ruisseaux    
  Perpétuel Balouba    
Addison Project Sleepwalking Progression in Balance Unicorn
heon Reaching For  The Sky    
  Amazed By Beauty    
Talisma Satanusky    


July 28     New  Releases

Artist Song Album Label
Frogg Cafe You're  Still Sleeping Fortunate  Observer  of Time Progrock
  Abyss of Dissension    
Cerebus Effect Nine Against Ten Acts of  Deception independent
Van Der Graf Generator Every  Bloody  Emperor Present Virgin
  Boleas Panic    
Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman Vasarat Lemmen Jumalabar Kinaporin kalifaatti Pyramid
mélia deux printemps certitudes ipso facto


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