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                                                                                                           Playlists June 2006 

June 1       Asian and Asian influenced with the Improvised Music Collective

Artist Song Album Label

Blues Creation

Just I Was Born Demon & Eleven Children WPM
Far East Family Band Kokoro Parallel World Nippon Columbia
MORSOF DADA Heap Poseidon
Bondage Fruit Gel-Colloid Bondage Fruit II Mabo
Opabinia Kombtry Opabinia Tutinoko
Time Strings Travellers Storyteller with new vibration still songs  
SonoSeni Ensemble Overture Suita Suit  
Guruh Gypsy Barong Gundah Guruh Gypsy  
Djaduk Ferianto and Kua Etnika Blues Jeans Biru Nang Ning Nong Orkes Sumpeg Galang Communication
Discus Lamentation and Fantasia Gamelantronique Discus Mellow

Djam Karet

The Red Monk Reflections From The Firepool  
King Crimson The Power to Believe II The Power to Believe DGM
Ozric Tentacles China Type Afterswish Snapper
Michel Dubeau Bird on the Bench Haiku Banyan


June 8      All Canadian part  I

Artist Song Album Label
Sianspheric Audiophone A Sound of the Colour of the Sun Sonic Onyon
  To Myself    
Bend Sinister Through the Broken City Through the Broken City Storyboard
Talisma Nuclide Chromia Unicorn
Pangée Quartus Frénésis Hymnemonde independent
Sloche Alegreque Sloche RCA
Toubabou Ambush Attente ProgQuebec
Lightspeed Razor's Edge Waves independent


June 15     All Canadian part  II

Artist Song Album Label
Miriodor Vision 3rd Warning Cuneiform
Mahogany Frog The Third Machine Vs Mabus independent
Nathan Mahl A Call To Arms Shadows Unbound independent
Morse Code La Marche Des Hommes  La Marche Des Hommes EMI
Pollen Vive la mort Pollen ProgQuebec
Amish Black Lace Woman Amish independent
Dillinger Bumpadidilly Don't Lie to the Band Unidisc
Max Webster Toronto Tontos Max Webster Anthem


June 22  All Canadian part  III

Artist Song Album Label
The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with Choir American Motor Over Smoldered Field... "This is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing Constellation
Valley of the Giants Westworld Valley of the Giants Arts&Crafts
Madrid White Clinical Warm Waters Aporia
Hypnotech 3 Moto Racer Prescription Electronics independent
Melodic Energy Commission Distant Isle of Gypsies Time is a Slippery Concept independent
  Surf Swarm    
  Lifting Wave    
Daniel Lanois Matador Shine Anti
Conventum La bataille A l'affut d'un complot ProgQuebec


June 29    All Canadian part  IV

Artist Song Album Label
Lonely Universe Corridor Lonely Universe CMP
Peggy Lee Band Go Dog Go Sounds From the Big House Spool
Martin Maheux Circle red shift Physics in Light Unicorn
Rouge Ciel Abricotabricolle Rouge Ciel monsieur fauteux
Michael Brook Red Shift Live at the Aquarium 4AD
Men in Love The Ends of Men Men in Love independent
Absent Sound Chant song It's All True no list records
Aiden Baker twilight Field of Drones Arcolepsy Records


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