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                                                                                                       Playlists for Mar 2011

Mar 3 Various, but mostly Bill Laswell

Artist Album Song Label
Paul SchŁtze Phantom City Site Anubis (1996) Future Nights Big Cat
Bill Laswell & Sacred System  Nagual Site (1998)  Black Lotus Wicklow
Gosta Berlings Saga Detta Har Hant (2009)  Sorteragatan 3 transubstans
Supersister Present from Nancy (1970)  Memories Are New Polydor
Painkiller  50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 12 (2005)  Your Inviolable Freedoms Tzadik
New Trolls  Ut (1972)  C'Ť Troppa Guerra btf
Tamandua Eternal Anteater of the Universe ( 2009 ) Lizards in the Reeds Bennet Alliance

Mar 10  International Women's Week

Artist Album Song Label
Charming Hostess Eat (1998) Dali Tzerni Vaccination
Sunday All over the World Kneeling at the Shrine (1991) Sunday All over the World E'G
Warpaint  Exquisite Corpse (2008)  Elephants Rough Trade
Tagaq Auk (2008) Force jericho bench
Ulla Pirttijarvi  MŠttarŠhku askŠi -In Our Foremothers' Arms (2002)  Nuortta silkkit (Northern silk) Warner
Garmarna Vengeance (1999) Vengeance Nordic Roots
Sorten Muld Mark II (1997)  2 Sisters Nordic Roots
AnnbjÝrg Lien Baba Yaga (1999) Loki Nordic Roots
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma Q. / Margarita Botello Sol Central (2000) El avatar Luna Negra
Iva Bittova - Vladimir Vaclavek Bile Inferno (1997)  Huljet Indies
Fovea Hex Huge (2006 ) Huge (The Joy of Trouble) Jane
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic Stand With the Stillness of This Day (2004)  The Sky Lay Still Constellation
Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance (1984) Frontier 4AD
K.U.K.L The Eye (1997)  Let Us Get Rid of the Bomb Crass
Eskaton Ardeur (1980) Attente Soleil Zeuhl
Quikion Hallelujah!! (2006) Hallelujah!! Poseidon
Katzenjammer  Le Pop (2010)  A Bar in Amsterdam Nettwork

Mar 17   a varied mix

Artist Album Song Label
Thinking Plague  In Extremis (1998) Les Etudes d'Organism Cunieform
Present Barbaro (2009) Vertiges
Simon Steensland  The Zombie Hunter(1995)  Parade APM
Electric Orange  Krautrock From Hell (2010)  Bandwurm / Sundos Sulatron
Eiliff Eiliff (1971) Suite
Ville Emard Blues Band Ville Emard Blues Band Live (1974)  Kondy donky Progquebec

Mar 24  All improv

Artist Album Song Label
Projeckt Four West Coast Live (1999) Ghost DGM
Sudden Cosmic Dissolution Sudden Cosmic Dissolution (2009) Scream Sonic Flame
Species Being Orgone Therapy (2000) Track 3 rhadsody
Porcupine Tree Metanoia (2001)  Metanoia, Pt. 2 Delerium
My Brother The Wind Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet (2010)  Electric Universe Transunstans
Distinguished Panel of Experts Trans-Indulgent (2009) And Then.. The Sigh Luna Negra
Masters of Reality Pine (2008) Afalfa Mascot

  Mar 31  Finland part II - Wigwam

Artist Album Song Label
Blues Section <single> (1968) Shivers Of Pleasure Love
Wigwam  Fairyport (1971)  Losing Hold Love
Wigwam  <single> (1969)  Luulosairas Love
Wigwam Being (1974)  Petty-Bourgeois / Pride of the Biosphere / Pedagogue / Crisader Love
Pekka Pohjola  Harakka Bialoipokku (1974) Nipistys-ittaja Love
Pekka Pohjola Pihkasilmš Kaarnakorva (1972)   Virtojen Kiharat Love
Jukka Gustavson's Alone Together Orchestra - ...pride's an exalted purchase... humility's the lever sublime (1978)
Alone Together
Jukka Gustavson Organ Fusion Band  Between Fire and Ice (2003)  syrjššnnyt


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