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                                                                                                            Playlists for May 2009

May 7 - Lonely Universe

Artist Song Album Label
Lonely Universe How Could You ā la plage rant
  Hole in His Head    
  Crushed on The Bridge    
  ā la plage    
Lonely Universe Territories De Pontougas Lonely Universe CMP
  The Wind In All This Noise    
  From The Scoup Extension    


May 14 Various

Artist Song Album Label
Hellborg/Buckethead/Shrieve Rana and Fara Octave of the Holy Innocents bardo
Species Being track 3 Orgone Therapy Chaosophy
Spooky Tooth w. Pierre Henry  Prayer Ceremony Island


May  21 Pochakaite Malko

Artist Song Album Label
Pochakaite Malko Doppleganger Doppleganger Arcangelo
Pochakaite Malko G-13 Pochakaite Malko Tutinoko
Pochakaite Malko Death by Hanging Laya Tutinoko
  Cristao- Peasants' Revolt    
Pochakaite Malko Anna Doppleganger Arcangelo
  Acid Rain    
Pochakaite Malko Ethnopleganger < single > independent


May 28  Pregnant Rainbows for Colourblind Dreamers part 4

Artist Song Album Label
Mecki Mark Men Born  The Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979 Premium Publishing
Mendoza The Grateful Salesman & Co    
Motvind Lära För Livet    
Nationalteatern Jack The Ripper    
Nature Mystery Brew    
Norrbottens Järn Flugornas Hage    
November Ta Ett Steg In I Sagans Land    
Nynningen Efterdyning    
Opus III I See The World From My Window    
Outsiders On My Magic Carpet    
Pandora Measures Of Time    



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