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Playlists for November 2006


Nov 2 - Funding Drive Week II     Dial !!!   Donate!!! ( 613 ) 520-CKCU

Artist Song Album Label
Steve Hillage The Glorious Om Riff Live at BBC BBC1
Mike Keneally Egg Zooming Sluggo immune


kiss of life From Within Virta
Mahogany Frog various artists On Blue independent
Camel Lady Fantasy The Paris Collection independemt
Robert Fripp String Quintet KAN-NON POWER the bridge between discipline
Jethro Tull Play in Time Benefit Chrysalis

Nov  9  Bill Bruford

Artist Song Album Label
Bill Bruford Hell's Bell's An Introduction to Winterfold Records Winterfold
  One of a Kind, Pts. 1-2    
  Joe Frazier    
  Living Space    
  The Drum Also Waltzes    
  Fainting in Coils    

Nov 16  Newer releases

Artist Song Album Label
Fovea Hex (The Joy of Trouble) Huge Janet Records
Escapade As Far As But Distractions Abound Submergence
The Necks Fatal Chemist ReR
Richard Pinhas
The Fabulous Story of Tigroo and Leloo

Nov 23  Happy Kinro-kansha-no-hi

Artist Song Album Label
Korekyojinn  Lebanon Jackson magaibutsu
Hoppy Kamiyama Looper Dooper A Meaningful Meaningnessless Creage
Happy Family Rolling the Law Court Happy Family Cuneiform
Bondage Fruit Kinzoku No Taiji Bondage Fruit Maboroshi No Sekai

Pochakaite Malko

Arrhythmia Pochakaite Malko Infinite
Kenso Fist of Fury Fabulis Mirabilibus De Bombycosi Scriptis Vinyl Magic 2000
Naikaku Resentiment Shell Poseidon
l'engoulevent Les Vieux Trains l'ile ou vivent les loups Progquebec

Nov 30     Happy Birthday  Richard Barbieri 

Artist Song Album Label
Rain Tree Crow Red Earth (As Summertime Ends) Rain Tree Crow Virgin
Jansen-Barbieri-Karn The Wilderness Beginning to Melt Medium
Jansen-Barbieri Breaking the Silence Other Worlds in a Small Room Medium
Jansen-Barbieri-Karn When Things Dream/Bestial Cluster Playing in a Room with People Medium
Jansen-Barbieri Sleepers Awake Stone to Flesh Medium
Richard Barbieri Fear and Trembling Things Buried Intact
Indigo Falls Towards the Light Indigo Falls Medium
Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here Live at Rockpalast Snapper

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