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Playlists for November 2010


Nov 4 - Funding Drive Week II     Dial !!!   Donate!!! ( 613 ) 520-CKCU 

Artist Album Song Label
Alamaailman Vasarat  Kaarmelaukunta  Astiiatehdas Silence
Atomic Rooster  In Satan's Name  V.U.G. Recall
Steve Hillage  Live in Concert The Glorius Om Riff BBC
National Health  Complete The Collapso ESD
Mahogany Frog  vs Mabus t St Helga of Argyle
Nebelnest Nebelnest  soloilock Laser's Edge
Frank Zappa One Size Fits All Can't afford No Shoes Ryko
Boud Deun The Stolen Bicycle Waterford Cuneiform
Butterflies and Zebras Butterflies and Zebras  The Outer Light Sonic Flame
Anekdoten Vemod Karelia  Jasrac
Ruins <single> Progressive Rock Medley  
Bruford Levin Upper Exremities  Bruford Levin Upper Exremities  Etude Revisited  
Nash The Slash And You thought You Were Normal Stalker Cut Throat

** big thank you to all who donated !!**

Nov  11  Listener appreciation/all-request show

Artist Album Song Label
PFM Cook (1975)  Celebration Esoteric
Rush  Moving Pictures ( 1981 ) Red Barchetta  Anthem
Rainbow Rainbow Rising (1976) Star Gazer   
Jimi Hendrix Crash Landing (1975) Captain Coconut    
Mike Keneally/Marco Minnemann  Evidence of Humanity (2010) Evidence of Humanity  
Karfagen  Solitary Sandpiper Journey  ( 2010) Spirit of Revelation  
Los Jaivas Alturas de Machu Pichu (1981) La Poderosa Muerte   
Tangerine Dream Encore Coldwater Canyon  
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Works Volume 2 (1977) Maple Leaf Rag  
Nik Bärtsch's Ronin Holon (2008) Modul 42     
Stomu Yamashta's Go Go Live from Paris (1978) Crossing the Line  

Nov 18  More Various

Artist Album Song Label

Was (Not Was)

 Are You Okay (1990)  I Feel Better Than James Brown  

Elliott Randall

 Randalls Island (1970)  Jolly Green Giant and the Statue of Liberty  
Jukka Tolonen  The Hook (1974 The Hook Love


 anabelas (1978)  sueños de maniqui  

Head Pop Up

 Tokusen Burari Tabi (2002) Night in Roppongi  


 Huono Parturi (1997)  Terva-Antti Ki Häihin  Lähti APM

Fond of Tigers

 Thing to Live With (2006) Here You Are Hated  

Otaria's Bloc(k)

 Permafrost (2007)  Heavens & Ground  


 Glory of the Inner Force (1975) Register Magister   

Dave Kerman/5uu's

  Tel Aviv Construction Events (2004)   Reslove   

Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores

 The Smother Party (2005) Litany  

Nov 25  Italian album of the month:  Arti + Mestieri - Tilt

Artist Album Song Label


 Blackouts  (1977)  Shuttle Cock  

Butterflies & Zebras

 Butterflies & Zebras (2009)  India Minor  

U. Srinivas & Michael Brook

 Dream (1995)  Run  
Jansen Barbieri Karn Playing in a Room with People (2001) Bestial Cluster

Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)

Gravità 9,81


Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)



Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)



Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)

Positivo / Negativo 


Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)

In Cammino


Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)



Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)



Arti & Mestieri

Tilt (1974)



Birds & Buildings

 Bantam to Behemoth (2008)  Birds Flying into Buildings  


 Psicotropia (2003)  Discotropia  

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