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                                                                                                    Playlists October 2007

Oct 4     Aidan sitting with an Entended IMC show

Artist Song Album Label

Oct 11     Newer Releases

Artist Song Album Label

Ex-Wise Heads

 Subumbrella  liquid assets independent
Porcupine Tree Nil Recurring Nil Recurring Transmission
  What Happens Now?    
Gavin Harrison & 05ric Unsettled Drop Squatter Madras
  Where Are You Going?    
Quodia Part Two the arrow 7D

Oct 19  Progtoberfest III  Allumni Auditorium Univ. of Ottawa,  Sat Oct 20

Artist Song Album Label
Zen Beer Duel At Dawn Grand Unified Chaos independent
30YRSL8 DNA L8er independent
Hunter Eves Cubby Unopened Box independent
Solar Architect Dandelion Salad Ocean Depths independent
The Rebel Wheel  Arachnophobia Diagramma 10t
Hamadryad omnipresenct umbra Live in France 2006 Unicorn

Oct 25     FUNDING DRIVE Week 1!!! **  520-CKCU  **.. .dial and donate

Artist Song Album Label
Adrian Belew Big Electric Cat Lone Rhino gott
King Crimson Dr. Diamond The Great Deceiver DGM
Trey Gunn DZiban The Third Star DGM
Robert Fripp String Quintet Kan Non Power The Bridge Between DGM
King Crimson Sleepless A Children's Guide to DGM
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Etude Revisited Blue Nights Papa Bear
Bruford Joe Frazier Gradually Growing Tornado E'G
King Crimson One Time Thrak DGM
Robert Fripp Here Comes The Flood Exposure DGM
King Crimson Thrak Thrak DGM
TU Fandango Official Bootleg independent

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