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    Playlists  September  2008

Sept  4  Canterbury

Artist Song Album Label
Caravan As I Feel I Die Caravan - If I could Do It All Over Again I'd Do it All Over You Eclectic

Hatfield and the North

Hatitude/Strand on the Green/Hotel Luna Hatwise Choice Hatco
Egg While Growing My Hair Egg Eclectic
National Health Lethargy Shuffle Part 2 Missing Pieces Voiceprint
Soft Machine Facelift BBC Radio 1967-1971 Hux
Quiet Sun Mummy Was An Asteroid Mainstream Virgin
Matching Mole Brandy As In Benj Matching Mole's Little Red Record Sony
Khan Mixed Up Man of the Mountain Space Shanty Deram
Gilgamesh With Lady and Friend arriving twice Cuneiform

Sept 11  Zeuhl

Artist Song Album Label
Magma Hhai Live Seventh
Weidorje Booldemug Weidorje Musea
Eskaton Attente 4 Visions APM
Kultivator Novarest Barndomens Stigar APM
Shub Niggurath J'ai vu naguere Les Morts Vont Vite Musea
Eider Stellaire Millenaries Eider Stellaire Musea
Ruins Graviyaunosch Symphonica Tzadik
Bondage Fruit Gel-Coloid Bondage Fruit II Mabo
Altais Altais Enneade Musea


Sept 18  Space Rock

Artist Song Album Label
Pink Floyd Remember a Day Relics EMI


Motorhead Eclipse EMI
Gong The Isle of Everywhere You Virgin
Steve Hillage The Glorious Om Riff BBC Radio 1 Live BBC
Ozric Tentacles Kick Muck Pungent Effulgent Snapper
Hidria Spacefolk Sindran Rastafan HDRSF-1 Independent
Quantum Fantay T.N.S.F.P Agapanthusterra inakustik
Ghost Water Door Yellow Gate In Stormy Nights Drag City
Alien Planetscapes International Sponge Space Box Cleopatra

Sept 25  Kraut Rock

Artist Song Album Label
Tangerine Dream Ashes to Ashes Electronic Mediatation Cleopatra
Faust So Far So Far Universal
Can Tago Mago Oh Yeah ArsNova
Harmonia Dino Musik von Harminia Universal
Cluster Heiße Lippen Zuckerzeit Universal
Brainstorm # 6 Space Box Cleopatra
Amon Düül II Wolf City Wolf City Cleopatra
Embryo Radio Marrakesch / Orient Express Steig Aus Universal
Guru Guru Der Elektrolurch Der Elektrolurch Universal


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