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Welcome to Infinite Ceiling.

About the show :

    Each Thursday at 8:30 pm for 90 minutes we take a look at the world of "progressive" music, the genre of music with, it seems, as many sub-genres as countries where it is being created.

     Each week tries to be a different topic, a new release, a style, an artist or group, a  record label, you get the idea, from all the styles that make up "prog" including fusion, actuelle, symphonic, RIO, electronic, Canterbury, ambient, zeuhl, post-rock and on an on...

About the site :

  About the station :

             CKCU is a community operated radio station broadcasting 24/7 from the campus of Carleton University in Ottawa Canada. It is available on the internet in MP3 audio at 

CKCU FM 93.1 in Ottawa, 944 on digital cable,
 MP3 streaming Studio Phone: (613) 520-CKCU (520-2528)


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