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                                                                           Playlists for December 2006

    Dec 7 - Newer releases 

Artist Song Album Label
Aka Moon Amazir Amazir Cypres
Ex-Wise Heads Snowdrift HOLdING UP THE SKY Hard World
  Royal Flush    
Jeff Berlin Porky & Beans Aneurythms M.A.J. Records
Korekyojinn Yes Medley < single > magaibutsu
Rope She the Assassin Heresy, And Then Nothing But Tears Family Vineyard
Ein Gedi

  Dec 14 - newer re-releases

Artist Song Album Label
Picchio dal Pozzo Moderno Ballibile (Richiesta Con Dedica) Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi ReR
Dionne Brégent Transit express Dionne Brégent XXI
Maneige Les aventures de Saxinette et Clarophone Les Porches Live Progquebec
Jacques Tom Rivest La Langue De Son Pays Jacques Tom Rivest Progquebec
  Voyage Au Tibet    
L'engoulevent Voix et Violon L'ile ou vivent les loups Progquebec

  Dec 21   Happy Birthday Frank Zappa

Artist Song Album Label
Frank Zappa Chunga's Revenge  Trance- Fusion Zappa
  Bowling on Charen    
  Good Lobna    
  Cold Dark Matter     
  Butter or Cannons     
  Ask Dr. Stupid     
   Scratch & Sniff     
  Soul Polka     
Frank Zappa Purple Lagoon Live in New York Ryko

  Dec 28   Year End Special  

Artist Song Album Label
Mahogany Frog Baroque On  Blue independent
As the Poets Affirm Orange Car Crash The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch independent
Maserati The Language The Language of Cities Hello Sir
Zombi Night Rhythms Surface to Air Relapse
Hatfield and the North Amsterdamage Hatwise Choice independent
Alec K. Redfern and the Eyesores Valse The Smother Party North East Indie
Casse Tête  Ballade de l'araignée Demo independent


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